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Dental Implants

Implant Dentistry in St. Louis

Do you have missing or structurally damaged teeth? Replacing missing teeth or teeth with structural damage is essential to oral hygiene and good overall health. It is imperative to understand that teeth function in the mouth as comprehensive systems with a particular function of bearing a certain amount of load. Teeth shift in the mouth, so when teeth are missing or damaged, this puts a significant amount of additional load onto the other teeth. Secondly, bone loss in the jaw can occur, thereby making it considerably more difficult to correct later.

Dental implants are the current standard of care to replace missing or structurally damaged teeth and provide many benefits. Dental implants are an alternative to complete dentures and do not click, slip or require adhesives. Additionally, implants allow you to eat any foods you would eat with your natural teeth.

  • We offer comprehensive Implant services
  • Surgical extractions
  • Site Bone grafting or ridge preservation
  • Placement of industry leader Nobel Biocare® implants
  • Restoration of single or multiple implants

What is the procedure for dental implants?

Dental implants are a root replacement for a previously lost or currently broken down tooth. The initial placement of the implant is a quick, relatively painless surgical procedure involving placement of specialized titanium prosthesis into the site of the missing tooth and allowing it to fuse with existing or grafted bone. The healing time involved varies depending upon existing bone quality and health of the patient; however, dental implants are over 97% successful and allow us to replace a tooth as naturally as possible. Typically, a new crown can be placed over a dental implant in as little as four months following the placement of the prosthesis.

What are implant supported and implant retained bridges, and dentures?

Traditional bridges and dentures are methods to replace multiple or even all teeth in the mouth. The construction of a bridge to replace teeth requires the presence of structurally sound adjacent teeth that will act as “bridge” piers to support fake replacement teeth in between. This method works well, but sometimes adequate adjacent teeth are lacking or even more often in such good shape it is a shame to prepare them down to act as a pier. In these situation dental implants allow us to place bridge piers where we want and spares you other teeth from needing to be worked on.

The same concepts hold true for dentures. A denture is a hard, plastic prosthesis replacing all teeth in one or both arches. Dentures rely on the patients’ existing architecture to support them and depend on suction to stay in place. The degree of suction obtained is largely dependent on saliva quality, and how well made the denture is. This means that a large population of people has to deal with an ill fitting denture on a daily basis and the compromised chewing ability; not to mention esthetic issues that come with this. Dental implants allow us to create a system that provides for the denture to snap onto rigidly placed connectors dramatically increasing retention of the denture and subsequently increasing chewing force and esthetics. If you have an existing denture or have been told you need a denture implant supported dentures may be right for you.