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Dental treatment in St. Louis for Over 65 Years

At Chilcutt & Steuterman DDS, we treat people not teeth. Our dental practice focuses on several key values in dental treatment which have, for more than 65 years, been at the forefront of patient care.

  • All dental treatment is personal and tailored to you. Prior to any treatment you will meet with your dentist to go through a comprehensive discussion about your past treatments and experiences, and your future goals for treatment.
  • We will use technology which makes sense. We are not concerned about the latest dental gizmo or gadget. We practice dentistry which is rooted in science and will provide you with the best possible result for your goals and expectations.
  • We will be on-time. We realize your life is probably a very busy one. It is imperative to us to be respectful of your time.
  • We will present multiple options, from a variety of price points….back to the personalized approach.
  • Like the rest of our body, teeth have a limited life-cycle. You will be educated about our plan for treatment for you, prior to treatment. You will be educated about hygiene skills and the role diet can play on your teeth. In most cases, we will develop a concentrated approach for you focusing on preventive dentistry.
  • Finally, as a Navy Veteran, Dr. Chilcutt will treat you with the Honor, Courage, and Commitment you deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our patients with comprehensive dental care which is personal, individual, educational, value-driven and respectful of your time. As a veteran of the US Navy, Dr. Chilcutt treats patients with Honor, Courage and Commitment. We take a “compassionate hand” approach to dentistry wherein we treat you like family.

Our Values

  • Provide dental treatment which is personal and tailored to the individual
  • Always be On-time for our patients, respecting your time
  • Provide value-driven dentistry- always present multiple options from a variety of price points
  • Education – In addition to staying on top of latest dental techniques and approaches to treatments, we will always educate our patients prior to providing treatment.
  • Maintain the highest level and focus on preventive dentistry

Our Promise

  • Make sure you have all questions answered prior to treatment
  • Provide you with the most comfortable patient experience
  • We Care. We are going to treat you like family. We are a resource for you, the patient. We provide you with counsel, and options.
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